ABOUT Painting Bear

Painting Bear” is based in Scherpenheuvel (Belgium) and was founded in 2019 by Rob Van den Berghe. The aim of the company is to create hand-painted lettering and illustrations for both companies and individuals. Traditional techniques are used for painting advertising and with an artistic approach we bring visual ideas and design to a higher level. You can paint letters & logos on signs, walls, windows, vehicles and basically anything you can imagine. In every color and size, possibly with an illustration for a unique and timeless look that you, your brand or your company deserve.

In a world where almost everything has become digital, the interest in real craftsmanship is increasing. At Painting Bear everything is painted by hand, which provides a “personal touch”. After all, such handmade lettering or painting radiates the same dedication, care and passion as the people who run the businesses for which they are made.

With a passion for both design and perfection, I pay attention to every detail and I am only satisfied when you are. The result is a real piece of art that no plastic print can match.

Rob Van den Berghe

SIGN PAINTER located in Belgium.
HAND-PAINTED LETTERS & LOGOS on most surfaces.
GRAPHIC DESIGN ~ Digital or Hand-drawn.
Occasional furniture builder.
Contact me with your ideas, plans & questions!

Rob Van den Berghe - Painting Bear

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